Wetware beats hardware

Why do I bang on so much about training? If driverless cars are the future, why can’t machine learning give us perfectly secure networks?

Here’s a quote from an interview with Steve Furber in The Register. He says it better than I can:

Furber gives the example of Google’s much-publicised triumph when its network, having been shown ten million pictures of cats, became “good” at recognising cats.

“I claim that you could take a two-year-old human, show them one cat, and they’ll recognise cats for the rest of their life.

“Of course the Google network starts with a completely random pattern; the human two-year-old starts with two years of experience of the world and 3D spaces and how shapes fit into this. So the cat is just a new instance of a general shape that it’s got some way of assessing.

“So the training of current machine-learning systems is probably more expensive than it needs to be – if only we could understand how biology did this one-shot learning.”

The full article is here.

So, once again, if you want to stop ransomware, phishing scams and most directed hack attacks, train your staff.

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