My day job is CEO of Managed Networks, a UK-based IT services business. Our DesktopLive product is the only desktop-to-datacentre complete managed service available as a pure per-user rental option. Think of it as cloud with a silver lining.

Amongst other things we’re the leading provider of IT to the culture and entertainment sector; if you’ve been to the theatre in London’s West End recently, chances are good that the IT behind the scenes was ours.

I do some external consulting, focused on information security governance and compliance, and I sit on a couple of boards including the Professionalism Board at BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT in the UK. I’m a Chartered Fellow at BCS and a CISSP-ISSMP; you can read more about me on LinkedIn, if you’ve really got nothing better to do.

I’ve been around the IT industry for about 27 years – a little longer if you count game coding as a teenager. My first ever proper contract was as a security administrator for a large mainframe facility in a big insurance firm. I’m still enjoying watching monetising “cloud” turn out to look more and more like running a DP shop. And if you don’t know what a DP shop is I suggest you find out or Edmund Burke will come for you.

This blog is a repository for my personal opinions on IT and business issues. It does not represent the views of Managed Networks, Securys, BCS or TechUK.

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