A quick thought on moral hazard

A number of major breaches have hit the news recently - including the 500-million-data-record Marriott Hotels breach, and the Sotheby's Home Magecart hack. I'll probably go on about over-retention of ID data in another post, but right now I was wondering... Is it attractive for hacked organisations to exaggerate how long a "just-discovered" breach has … Continue reading A quick thought on moral hazard

Why do we need data protection laws?

Here's why: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-08-30/google-and-mastercard-cut-a-secret-ad-deal-to-track-retail-sales Short version - if you buy something in a US store with your Mastercard, they tell Google about it. Google then reconciles your purchase with your advertising exposure while logged in with a Google account, and sends a report to advertisers to show how on-line ads drive offline sales. This is, of course, … Continue reading Why do we need data protection laws?