One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity.

Hooded criminal, face in shadow

Society has always had its share of bad apples. Even now, in the midst of an unprecedented crisis all some people can see is the opportunity to take advantage of others. There’s been a huge uptick in all kinds of fraud, usually targeting people’s understandable anxieties about the virus or their own financial situation. Here’s what you … Continue reading One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity.

Advertising cookies and the law

UKDPA 2018 says: 171 Re-identification of de-identified personal data (1) It is an offence for a person knowingly or recklessly to re-identify information that is de-identified personal data without the consent of the controller responsible for de-identifying the personal data. (2) For the purposes of this section and section 172— (a) personal data is “de-identified” … Continue reading Advertising cookies and the law

Why do we need data protection laws?

Here's why: Short version - if you buy something in a US store with your Mastercard, they tell Google about it. Google then reconciles your purchase with your advertising exposure while logged in with a Google account, and sends a report to advertisers to show how on-line ads drive offline sales. This is, of course, … Continue reading Why do we need data protection laws?