News in brief

UEA accidentally sent a spreadsheet with confidential medical information to 320 undergrads. The sheet wasn’t password protected, or encrypted, because... the confidential medical information was stored in a spreadsheet because… the spreadsheet was accessible to be attached to an email because… Please tell me that the GDPR will prompt UK orgs to spend at least … Continue reading News in brief

At least make a token effort

I was talking to someone about data security yesterday afternoon, and mentioned the Mexican data breach where 93.4m citizen records were left in an unsecured cloud database – and immediately stolen – as an example of the carelessness people seem to experience when taking advantage of cheap web storage and processing. Pretty much while I … Continue reading At least make a token effort

Visitors – you just can’t trust them

Keeping your server in your office keeps your data safe, right? Just make sure the firewall is working and you’re golden. Because if it’s inside your physical perimeter, it’s protected, isn’t it? Well… It depends on your visitor policies. Your what? All that boring stuff to do with signing people in, showing them to meeting … Continue reading Visitors – you just can’t trust them