News in brief

UEA accidentally sent a spreadsheet with confidential medical information to 320 undergrads. The sheet wasn’t password protected, or encrypted, because... the confidential medical information was stored in a spreadsheet because… the spreadsheet was accessible to be attached to an email because… Please tell me that the GDPR will prompt UK orgs to spend at least … Continue reading News in brief

What can we do about Cryptolocker?

“That’s criminal!” said my wife when I told her about Cryptolocker. Actually, all malware is criminal (Computer Misuse Act 1990, for the legal eagles), but Cryptolocker is particularly nasty, and currently running rampant. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s malware which once running on your PC sets about encrypting your files; to get … Continue reading What can we do about Cryptolocker?